Special Events

Special Event Applications

Special event applications are located on The Town of Jackson's web page or Teton County's web page.  Follow the below link for appropriate application.

Link to Teton County Special Event Application

Link to Town of Jackson Special Event Application

Special Event EMS Services

Jackson Hole Fire/EMS can provide fire or medical services for your special event. Available apparatus and services include:

  • Ambulance with two (2) emergency responders (3 hour minimum)
  • Fire engine with two (2) firefighters (3 hour minimum)
  • Applications must be submitted 30 days prior to event.

Applying for EMS Services

Custom quotes are available for special events requiring more personnel or apparatus.  Please remember that Jackson Hole Fire/EMS is an Emergency Services organization, the earlier an application is received, the better our ability to approve and fill your request. In our process, we will notify you when your application has been approved and an invoice will be sent to you when the event is completed. 

View our Special Event Rates.  Complete the Jackson Hole Fire/EMS special event application after sumitting special even application to either the Town of Jackson or Teton County.  For more information or questions, please contact lwatson@tetoncountywy.gov.  Jackson Hole Fire/EMS is an emergency services organization.  Due to unforseen emergencies, staffing cannot be guaranteed.