Information Technology

Mission Statement

Teton County Information Technology (IT) provides proactive and innovative IT services that support the County government goals of information sharing, fiscal responsibility, and organizational excellence. We deliver highly available, scalable, sustainable, and responsive technology for use by County government staff and our community. 

We secure digital records and sensitive information with special regard for authoritative sources. We provide friendly and ethical services in a team-oriented and collaborative environment, and are committed to serving the County, its agencies, and their strategic needs.

How we serve Teton County...

Cybersecurity  Protecting digital information and systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.

Data protection  Protecting data through backup and restore systems, business continuity planning, data retention and archives, and intrusion protection.

Data privacy  Safeguarding personal information and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Business continuity  Ensuring that essential business functions can continue in the event of a disruption.

Physical security  Securing physical equipment and locations.

Project management  Overseeing and managing various technology projects.

Professional services  Providing technical support and training to other departments.

Research  Conducting research on new and emerging technologies.

Procurement  Purchasing of technology equipment.

Technology life cycles  Establishing replacement schedules based on technology life cycles.

Data retention and archives  Storing and preserving data for future use.

Hardware recycling  Proper disposal of technology equipment.

End User Support  Help desk, productivity tools, professional services, and training.

Communications  Cell phone, digital messaging, collaboration, office phone system, internal website, local and long-distance phone, and public website.

Network & Systems  Internal and external network resources, physical infrastructure, and professional services.