2022 Local Primary Candidates

This page will be updated periodically throughout the filing period.

County Clerk

Maureen "Mo" Murphy (Republican)

Clerk of District Court 

Anne Comeaux Sutton (Democratic)

County Coroner

Brent "Doc" Blue (Democratic)

County Commissioner

Luther Propst (Democratic)
Alex Muromcew (Republican)

County Attorney

Erin Weisman (Democratic)

County Assessor

Melissa "Mel" Shinkle (Democratic)
Zane Aukee (Democratic)

County Sherriff

Matt Carr (Democratic)

County Treasurer

Katie Smits (Republican)

Town Council (Non-Partisan Race)

Devon Viehman 

Precinct Committeemen

Alex Muromcew 1-1 (Republican)
Bill Scarlett 1-1 (Republican)
Jim McCollum 1-2 (Republican)
Luther Propst 1-6 (Democratic)
Austin O'Bryhim 1-4 (Republican)
Keith Gingery 1-7 (Republican)
Jon Baker 1-10 (Republican)
John B L Harkness 4-4 (Democratic)

Precinct Committeewomen

Melissa Turley 1-2 (Democratic)
Rebecca Bextel 1-2 (Republican)
Janine Bay Teske 1-3 (Republican)
Blair Maus 1-10 (Republican)
Dail E Barbour 4-1 (Democratic)
Laurie Thal 4-2 (Democratic)
Joan Goldfarb 4-2 (Republican)
Nancy Pasfield 4-3 (Republican)
Carol Harkness 4-4 (Democratic)

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