Alta Area Roads Resurfacing Project

Alta North-Ski Hill Rd

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Ski Hill Rd & Alta North Repair & Overlay Project – Summer 2021

This project consists of surfacing improvements to Alta North and Ski Hill Road as shown in the Exhibit above. The 2.5-mile section of Ski Hill Road from Stateline Road to the cattleguard immediately west of the turnoff onto the Teton Canyon gravel road and the Alta North Rd from its intersection with Ski Hill Rd, north 1.2-miles, to approximately 100-feet south of Kaufman Rd/Yellow Rose Dr. intersection. 

Both sections of road mentioned above are in various stages of failure due to pavement cracking and surface distortion from soft spots in the road subgrade.  In general, repair will consist of removing and rebuilding soft areas, repairing and filling cracks, then milling and rejuvenating of the existing pavement surface before new asphalt overlay.



Contact Info:

Project Manager 

Lloyd Wiser

Engineering Technician

Teton County Public Works – Engineering

P.O. Box  3594

320 S King Street

Jackson, WY 83001


Office: (307) 732-8578

Mobile: (307) 699-8160