Teton County COVID-19 Metrics

Teton County’s Current Public Health Guidance Level 

Low risk

Teton County is currently in Yellow (Low Risk) 

What does Yellow mean and what can you do?  

Click here to read the press release about Teton County, WY moving into the Yellow Low Risk Level. 

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Teton County COVID-19 Metrics, last updated on 7/22/21

Several metrics are being monitored to assess the situation and the risk COVID-19 poses to Teton County. The current status of each metric is listed below.  The Teton County Health Department will be reviewing and evaluating these metrics weekly to determine if changes can be made.

New Cases

Community SpreadX

Testing Availability

Percent Positive Tests

PCU Admissions

ICU Admissions and Transfers

PPE Inventory

Contact Tracing Capability


New CasesA  rolling seven-day average of the number of new, laboratory-confirmed positive cases per day.
Community SpreadPercentage of new cases without a known close contact to another laboratory-confirmed positive case.
Testing AvailabilityCurrent availability of testing supplies and how quickly tests are being processed at laboratories.
Percent Positive TestsPercent of recent tests that are positive.
PCU AdmissionsA seven-day average of number of COVID-19 positive patients in primary care unit.
ICU Admissions and TransfersA seven-day average of number of COVID-19 positive patients in intensive care unit or transferred for more extensive care.
PPE InventoryTotal amount of stockpiled personal protective equipment to be able to fulfill organization's needs that have the closest proximity to the COVID-19 outbreak in Teton County. 
Contract Tracing CapabilityCurrent availability of staff and resources at the Health Department to ensure all new cases are quickly isolated and their close contacts quarantined.