The 2020 Pathways Sealcoating project will occur the week of August 3rd to 7th. This year’s project areas include the following pathways (also see the project map below or pdf here):

  • COMPLETED - Garaman Path along Flat Creek from the new Post Office to Gregory Lane
  • Blair Dr. Pathway from the Community Garden to Whitehouse Dr.
  • South Park Loop Pathway west from Middle School Road and then south to High School Road
  • South Park Loop Pathway from the south end of 3 Creek Ranch (Cody Creek Dr.) out to Highway 89
  • Von Gontard Pathway south of Melody Ranch from South Park Loop to Game Creek

Update Tuesday Aug. 4 -- Today's sections: Garaman, Blair Dr., and northern South Park Loop. Sealcoating on Garaman Path is complete (crews are still doing striping work, but the pathway should be accessible as of Tuesday afternoon). Crews will be applying the second coat on Blair Dr. and northern South Park Loop Tuesday afternoon. The southern section of South Park Loop and the Von Gontard Pathway will start on Wednesday and likely to go through Thursday.

Update Monday Aug. 3 -- Today's sections: Garaman, Blair Dr., and northern South Park Loop. Crews are starting with the Garaman Path and hope to have both coats of sealing completed by the end of the day Monday. The next sections will be the Blair Dr. Path and the northern portion of South Park Loop Path. It is expected that these sections may start on Monday but will likely extend into Tuesday. The southern section of South Park Loop and the Von Gontard Pathway are tentatively scheduled to start as early as Tuesday afternoon and will likely go through Wednesday. 

Project updates will be posted daily starting Sunday, August 2nd, with updates on which pathway segments are expected to be closed the next day or two days. It should be noted that closure estimates are estimates only and are subject to change based on weather interruptions, unexpected delays, or if work is progressing faster than originally anticipated. Closures are expected to be intermittent and will last for 2-4 hours. The length of the closure depends on air temperature and the amount of sunlight hitting the pathway, both of which affect the drying rate of the oil sealcoat.

For Monday, August 3rd, the contractor will be working on the Garaman Pathway along Flat Creek between the new Post Office and Gregory Lane. Once that section is completed they will head to the Blair Dr. Path from the Middle School to Whitehouse Dr.

2020 Sealcoating - Overview Closure Map

Sealcoating Description

Sealcoating involves spraying a layer of oil on the pathway surface in order to protect the asphalt and extend the life of the pathway. It is typically done every five years on average--some pathways require sealing more frequently and some not quite as often, depending on factors such as pathway age, proximity to an adjacent roadway, and whether the pathway is plowed during the winter. Sealcoat products require warm temperatures for application and cannot be applied if it's raining or the pathways are wet, so the annual sealing project is generally scheduled for early-mid August when the weather is most reliable--unfortunately this inevitably and somewhat unavoidably coincides with the time of year when pathways are getting their most use.