4&5 yr olds- 9am-945am

At 4 and 5 our gymnasts are learning to work with integrity! They can practice with a partner at the various stations around the gym and focus on the task given.  Our fabulous 4 & 5's are learning to wait in line, encourage their classmates and work cooperatively. Cartwheels,backbends,rolls and jumps on the beam and pullovers and hip circles on the bar are just a few of the skills we'll concentrate on.

2&3 yr olds- 10am-1045am

Babynastics is one of our favorite classes! We keep these little tykes on the move while they're introduced to the great sport of gymnastics! Parents are welcome to join for the first few classes to help us all get acquainted.  The terrific 2& 3 yr. olds will be rolling, handstanding, galloping, swinging, and braving the balance beam.

3&4 yr olds- 11am-1145am

Our 3 & 4 yr olds are so happy to have a class of their own. We still don't expect these children to wait in line for a turn,there are too many fun things to do at gymnastics! We will introduce cartwheels and backward rolls, walk up the wall pullovers on the bar and strong front supports. These gymnast will learn many ways of traveling on a balance beam and lots of fun gymnastics games. Our independent 3 & 4 yr. olds will be given plenty of space to learn and grow.


April 18-May 9th- $50.00

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